Catalyst K12

Catalyst lets educators level-up their behavior management by automating responses to observed behaviors, and providing new insights at the school, classroom, and individual student levels.

Catalyst K12 app

Tap to Track

Catalyst can record any observations and related data. You decide what to track and the mobile app makes recording behaviors as easy as tapping a screen.

Catalyst app tracking
  • Positive behaviors
    • Helping others
    • Demonstrating leadership
    • Working hard
  • Negative behaviors
    • Incomplete assignment
    • Disruptive
    • Inappropriate language
  • Neutral observations & data
    • Bathroom pass
    • Borrowed supplies
    • Notes about student-teacher conversation
  • You decide...

    Sky's the limit. Catalyst lets you observe and record just about anything.

Respond to Observations, Automatically

Catalyst can take many routine tasks off your plate. Simply choose the behavior, frequency and what action you want Catalyst to take.

Staff emailed

Owen has been disruptive 3 times today

Lists updated

Mary has been added to the "Field Trip" list

Parents texted

Your child has demonstrated excellent participation 4 times this week in Science class

Notifications sent

Jackie met goal of being on task 5 days this week

Possibilities are endless

These are just a few examples of what Catalyst can automatically do for you.

Have other ideas? Let us know! We are continually adding new capabilities and would be thrilled to hear what you think would be useful.

Automator - Deeper Dive

You set the rules...

How should we trigger the automations? Our easy-to-use editor lets you lay out the conditions and criteria for automating things. For example you might say...

  • When
    • a specific observation is recorded...
    • or any positive behavior is recorded...
    • or one of a few particular observations are recorded...
  • a particular number of times...
  • within a particular timeframe...


Catalyst can send notifications automatically when your criteria is met or queue it up for you to review, edit, and send when you're ready.

Send email, or text (SMS) messages to...

  • Parents and guardians
  • The students, themselves
  • Other teachers
  • Building or district administrators


Students are automatically added to any lists or collections of students based on any criteria you want. For example...

  • Students staying late for homework club
  • Pizza party eligibility
  • Field trip list
  • Lunch detenction


Let your imagination run wild.

What would you like Catalyst to automatically do in response to observations you record? We're always adding more options, so reach out any time and tell us what you you'd like to see.

Powerful Insights

Catalyst provides user-friendly reports to help you spot trends in the data.

  • Quickly identify your students' or classes' main behaviors and whether they are on the rise or declining
  • Notice if your interventions are working
  • Keep notes about students' interests as you build relationships
Catalyst reports


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